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Latest businesses

Business name Short description
Limo Hires Limo Hires is the premiere luxury car hire service
Food & Wine Co - Corporate Catering Company Melbourne The Food & Wine Co has been serving for 20 Years.
Phire Power Business improvement advice & assistance
Pinpoint Computer Services Pty Ltd Premier I.T. solutions and support for businesses
Maitland World Travel Contact us for all your travel arrangements

Ads at 20 cents per click

This has to do with the ads displaying on the right side.  Everything else is still totally free.

The ad pricing has changed.  The price is now $10.00 for 50 clicks to your website.  That's 20 cents per click.  Those of you with pay-per-click advertising on Google will know how much cheaper this is.  I rarely get away with less than $1.00 per click and often it's more than $2.00 per click.

Your ad will run for as long as it takes to get your 50 clicks. The round robin algorithm still applies.

What is more, you can see the date and time of every click and the IP address where the click originated.

All you have to do is sign into your account and click My Advertisements.